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Real Stories
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“It’s always good to have somebody – even if it’s just someone to talk to - so that you can continue to proceed and make progress in life so that you can stay out from behind bars, because if God can help it, I’m not going back.”
Even with a modest criminal record, Mario faced an ample amount of difficulty finding a job after serving a short prison sentence. Employers would be anxious to interview him because of his experience, but would lose interest as soon as they found out he was an ex-offender. Despite his difficulty, Mario takes pride in the fact that he was always honest with potential employers, and his honesty finally paid off. Now a roofing foreman, he is thankful that an employer took a chance on him. Mario believes that as an ex-offender, it is his duty to restore his rapport with society; he seeks to make restitution for the crimes he has committed by earning the trust of everyone around him.
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