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About Pastforward
  • Many employers have learned that hiring ex-offenders can be good for business.
  • Companies that hire ex-offenders are both big and small, and range from service providers to construction firms to retail operations.
  • As employers continually struggle to find qualified workers, the ex-offender population represents an untapped workforce.
  • Ex-offenders are often more motivated to work and more grateful for the chance to prove themselves. Some companies find that ex-offenders tend to be committed workers whose success rate is comparable to that of the company‚Äôs overall workforce.
  • Many ex-offenders are eager to gain employment that will allow them to support themselves and their families, and keep them away from illegal behavior.
  • Both employers and ex-offenders stand to benefit. Employers give ex-offenders the opportunity to succeed in jobs for which they are qualified, and ex-offenders help meet the workforce needs of the employer.
  • Some ex-offenders have learned valuable skills while incarcerated, in fields such as printing and carpentry, and just need a job that will allow them to put those skills to good use.

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