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Privacy Statement

The Job Opportunities Task Force ( JOTF) maintains this web site as a public service. The following information is provided in keeping with the JOTF's intent to protect, as able and to whatever extent possible, the dignity and privacy of our customers and visitors. This information may change over time as the JOTF modifies or expands its services, therefore the JOTF recommends checking the Web Site Privacy Information periodically for any changes.

The JOTF will not tolerate any information or message that is abusive, or obscene, or that infringes upon the rights of any party. Any information of this nature attempted to be posted on this web site will be deleted and the visitor responsible for such information will be denied current access to the web site until the matter is resolved.

If you submit any information through the services of the JOTF web site, the information will be available to appropriate JOTF staff to assist them in fulfilling their governmental duties. This information may also be sent to the person or organization determined by the JOTF to be the subject of your message or to other governmental agencies involved in administering your request.

The JOTF may use server logs to record a visitor's Internet Protocol (IP) address and to collect general information about the visit to the web site, such as the time and length of the visit, and the web pages accessed during the visit. The JOTF collects this information for web site management and performance monitoring. This information is not reported or used in any manner that would reveal personally identifiable information.

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