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Real Stories
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“My heart felt like it fell out of my body because I couldn't believe finally somebody was going to give me a chance, a golden opportunity of a lifetime.”
Battling drug addiction for over 30 years, Deborah was in and out of prison for most of her life. Between having a criminal background and a lack of employable skills, she found herself up against what seemed to be impossible odds. Filling out dozens of applications, Deborah's search for employment seemed hopeless as the cycle of unemployment and drug abuse repeated itself. With the help of a program that helped employ ex-offenders, Deborah felt she was finally granted a second chance at life. Now a full-time employee at two different universities, Deborah works 7 days a week. Her goal is to become a drug counselor of young adults, especially females, in order to save them from making the same mistakes she made.
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