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Real Stories
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“What keeps me going is knowing that I have a child that is dependent upon me. I fear what would happen to them without me around. I want to be there for them.”
First incarcerated at the age of 11, Jerry struggled to stay out of trouble with the law at a young age. With a lack of positive influences in his life, Jerry accrued a criminal record that would prove to be an obstacle for him through his adult life. Upon his release from prison, Jerry faced many difficulties finding employment due to his criminal background. Finally finding employment in 2005, Jerry began working at an entry-level position for a lumber distributing company. Since then, Jerry has received 3 promotions and now helps to instruct new employees. Still saving for his own car, Jerry has peace of mind knowing that he has real responsibilities at home and at work. Between teaching his 1-year-old daughter to walk and new employees to drive a forklift, Jerry has never been so busy doing what he loves.
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