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Real Stories
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“I feel good about myself now, with all the things I’m trying to accomplish. I’m very excited, I’m very anxious...I almost feel invincible.”
As an ex-offender, Jovon has never felt so confident in his ability to succeed. Incarcerated from the age of 17 to 21, Jovon struggled in his search for employment following his release. Hindered by his criminal record, nothing came easy. As he began his slow ascent acclimating back into society, Jovon continued to find inspiration in his greatest achievement ever, his daughter. With his daughter now 5 years old, Jovon still finds time to continue his education and further his career while being a father. Certain that his future is brighter than ever, he takes pride in the fact that his daughter will see him as the honest and hardworking person he really is.
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