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Real Stories
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“What expectations can a person have if they don't feel good about themselves, don't have an income and can't do things that we take for granted? Many people just need another chance. They just need to be re-directed. This is our job as a society.”
Rick Silber is president of City Group, Inc, which is a distributor of maintenance supplies and a provider of technical consultants in the field of building maintenance and life-cycle analysis. The company serves many cities on the East Coast including all of Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia. In his experience, Rick has had the opportunity to work with and hire thousands of employees. Although some organizations won't even considering hiring ex-offenders, Rick has found that many of his most hardworking and loyal employees are ex-offenders. He challenges the basis on which many companies hire their employees. Rick believes there is no better way to benefit an organization or society in general than by considering ex-offenders for employment.
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